A Well Behaved Dog Does Not Make You Exempt From Leash Laws

This last weekend, we went for a hike at Deception Pass. It’s a beautiful trail, and easy enough to be relaxing instead of strenuous. That is, until we ran into Her. You’ve probably met Her (or Him) before. Maybe you ARE that person. If you have an anxious or excitable dog, however, you expect these people with dread: the people who think leash laws don’t apply to them. They often have friendly dogs who won’t generally start a fight on purpose, but that’s the source of the problem. So let me say it:

A well behaved dog does not make you exempt from leash laws.

your dog has to obey leash laws

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Quincy’s Thoughts vs Bentley’s Thoughts

My two dogs are totally different. Quincy is slow, patient, always happy and sweet, always wants to please. Bentley is fast, high energy, highly intelligent, and a sneaky little bugger.

One of my favorite exercises in obedience with the two of them is to put them in a down/stay, put a treat in front of them, and make them wait for their release word. I think the picture below adequately sums up their reactions.

what dogs think about

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Unusually Colored Dogs Part 2 – Albino

Welcome to my second post about unusually colored dogs featuring albino dogs. Before we get to the photos, however, I would like to start with a disclaimer. I do not encourage people to try to breed albino dogs.

These dogs face many health problems. Many are born blind or deaf, or both. This may be accompanied by obvious deformation of the face and complete lack of eyes. Even if they can see, their eyes must be protected from bright sunlight. Their skin, also, is vulnerable to sunburn. They need to be protected from over-exposure, which often means just not being able to go outside for long periods of time.

Albinism can also cause nervous system problems and immunological problems. Eye deformities are the easiest to see, but these dogs may have internal problems as well. To produce this mutation, dogs are highly inbred, which alone can cause congenital defects, even without the albino genes.

For these reasons, it’s a bad idea to try to produce more albino dogs.

However, the lucky ones with fewer health issues are very striking animals, and give just as much love as any other dog. Here are a few albino dogs that caught my eye.

Albino Pekingese

Falkore the Pekingese is named after Falkor the Luckdragon in The Neverending Story. I can definitely see the resemblance.

Falkore the Pekingese from www.reicherstudios.com

Falkore the Pekingese from www.reicherstudios.com

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Pugoween 2013 with Seattle Pug Rescue

I knew I wanted to go as soon as I saw the announcement, but Pugoween 2013 exceeded by expectations! First off, you haven’t lived, as a dog lover, until you’ve experienced 100 happy, off leash, costumed pugs running everywhere! (I’m not sure how many pugs there actually were, but it sure seemed like 100) Seattle Pug Rescue hosted Pugoween 2013  at Four Paw Sports Center, which is well equipped for an off-leash event. All the doors are gated, making it easy to keep the dogs in as people come and go.

Pugoween had a bunch of different things going on. There were multiple vendors, including Dog Gone Good Biscuits Co., which is a company run by three grade school boys. They make organic dog biscuits which are available at a few stores locally, and donate a portion of their sales to various rescues. I bought “Bad Boy Bacon” and both Bentley and Quincy love them.

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Talks With Quincy

Quincy and I have developed a way to communicate with each other. He has very specific desires at times, and he asks for them all the same way: sitting up and begging, a skill that he has turned into an art form. I call this “saying please”. He’s begging, but it’s super polite.

As far as I know, Quincy figured this out on his own. The first time he did it, I melted. I mean, look at him!

cocker spaniel begs hiking

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