The One About Poop

My life has a ridiculous number of poop stories. It’s not that I really think that poop jokes are all that funny. It’s that my life IS a poop joke. So you’ve been warned. This story is definitely going down as The One about Poop.

Recently, I moved in with a friend. It’s a pretty fun roommate situation. We’re both into animals. We joke around and have a lot of fun. The one downside is that there’s only one bathroom. That’s usually not an issue though.

Devil Dog Bentley

He’s so not as innocent as he pretends. Here’s proof.

The location is really nice. We’re close to town, but far enough out that the house is right up against the forest. In the morning, I can look outside my window and see the woods. It gets a little spooky at night, with the coyotes howling and the over-active imagination running wild, but I love it.

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Wilburton Hill Park

On Sunday, we decided to take advantage of a brief break in the rain and go for a hike at Wilburton Hill Park. The park is located just east of downtown Bellevue, right next to Bellevue Botanical Gardens. It turned out to be a pretty nice day. We even got some sunshine! I made them wear their raincoats anyhow, because fashion.

Wilburton Hill Park walk with dogs

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Quincy and Bentley Do Not Cooperate

The boys got new sweaters from out awesome friend Jill, and they wore them on our outing to the plant nursery. This particular nursery goes all out for the holidays, so it’s always fun to browse, and there are a lot of great settings for pictures. Just inside the main gate I found a nice spot to take a picture of them. I figured I’d just have them sit real quick, snap a picture, and we’d be on our way. (Ok, stop laughing. I was being terribly optimistic)

Of course, it’s never that easy. Quincy and Bentley do not cooperate. What I imagined would be “sit, stay *click* good boys!” turned into “Bentley sit, Quincy sit, good… Bentley sit, Quincy… Bentley get back here. Quincy sit. Good boy. Bentley sit…. No, Quincy, sit… Ok, crap, I mean… (“ok” is their release word) Sit! Bentley…. Come back here… Quincy!”

At this point I heard giggling behind me. I looked over my shoulder and there were no less than TEN people standing there watching this circus. TEN!

puppies posing for a christmas picture

Quincy is looking at his fans LOL

I hurried to get them sitting and snapped a couple quick picture, then stood to flee in embarrassment. Someone from the crowd called out “did you get it?” I called back “yes, thank you!” and ran away to hide.

christmas time dog pictures

I tried again a little later, and they cooperated a little better! And this time we didn’t draw a crowd, thank goodness! As much as I enjoy having someone admire my dogs, a crowd of people watching me struggle with these little goobers is a bit much!

This is Why Bentley Stays on a Leash

I moved in the past few weeks. All the critters are getting settled in pretty well. The dogs, naturally, think it’s all a big adventure, especially since our new place is right up against the forest. And by “right up against”, I mean the trees are actually touching the house. It’s RIGHT there. That’s a perk for me as well. The forests here in the Pacific Northwest are one of the big reasons I love it so much here, so I was pretty excited as well.

pacific north west forest

The Pacific Northwest has the best forests.

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Art in Time for Christmas

If anyone wants to put in an order for custom art in time for Christmas, now is the time! The deadline for ordering in time for Christmas is the 12th of December, although I may stop guaranteeing Christmas delivery before then if I get enough orders, so don’t delay!


ArtforsaleNov152014C ArtforsaleNov152014D


Ornaments $35
Small bust paintings of your pet on the front, with an inscription on the back. This can be a name and the year, initials, memorial dates, etc. The ornament itself is about 3 inches across.

One Panel Pet Portraits


This painting not for sale


This painting will be on Etsy soon

1 panel portrait $90
One panel paintings include an abstract background and one subject. The subject can be done in a realistic or whimsical style. Photos of your pet are needed, along with any preferences or requests, such as background color.

Day of the Dead paintings

oriental shorthair cat sugar skulls

This painting is sold


This painting will be listed on Etsy shortly

2 panel Day of the Dead pets $130
These can be done as a 2-piece painting, or 2 paintings that go together with separate subjects. I need to know the breed and/or have photos of your pet.

I can also do commissions that don’t fall into these categories. Please contact me to discuss details and pricing. Any type of pets are welcome. Dogs, cats, horses, guinea pigs, reptiles, etc.

A 50% non-refundable deposit is required for all custom pieces before work begins. You may also pay in full up front, if you prefer.

Shipping is typically between $10 and $20 for paintings, depending on the size and quantity, and and $6 for ornaments.

Turn around time is 10 to 14 days, including shipping to most locations.

Sugar Skull doxies, and other non-commissioned artwork will be available on my Etsy account as soon as I finish photographing and listing them all.


Day of the Dead Doxie Painting

So I’m not actually dead or anything, I’ve just been painting instead of blogging. I guess I should find time for both, but I was having so much fun! :) Here is the Day of the Dead Doxie Painting I did in the last couple weeks.

Day of the Dead Doxie Painting

This all started with my friend’s birthday, and his obsession with cats and Día de Muertos sugar skulls. I wanted to get him something nice for his birthday, but couldn’t think of what that would be… and then the idea struck me to paint his cats in this style. This was the result:

oriental shorthair cat sugar skulls

That was so much fun, that I just kept going! I’m trying to decide which breed to do next. Maybe a Cocker Spaniel? We will see.

If you like the Dachshund painting enough to see it in your own home, it is for sale. Check out the Etsy listing here.

Cocker Spaniel Cute-Off: Quincy vs Dexter

Quincy has an online friend, Dexter. They’re very tech savvy dogs, of course. They even exchange Instagram videos on occasion. Dexter and his mom live on the other side of the country, but that doesn’t stop these two pals. We’re all big Jimmy Fallon fans as well, and Dexter and Quincy were inspired by Will Ferrell and Chad Smith’s Drum-Off on The Tonight Show recently. They decided to hold their own contest to settle a very important debate: who’s cuter, Dexter or Quincy?

cute cocker spaniel contest quincy dexter

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Seattle Pug Gala 2014

seattle pug rescue pug gala 2014

Yes, the Pug Gala is just as awesome as it sounds. We went last year, and had a blast, so we’re really looking forward to Pug Gala 2014! Bentley and I plan on showing up this year as well, and taking lots of pictures. So if you can’t attend, check back in the days following for a ton of pictures of pugs having fun!

Evergreen State Fairgrounds is out highway 2 in Monroe. There’s a ton of parking (I believe it was free parking last year, but don’t take my word for it). There weren’t many signs at the fairgrounds to guide you to the right building, but all you have to do is follow the pugs and someone will lead you there.

Be prepared to see pugs EVERYWHERE at Pug Gala 2014. Bring your own pug, put them in a costume, take lots of pictures… Maybe even talk to them about adopting one of the rescue pugs that will probably be in attendance. It does cost $10 for adults, and $5 for kids between 6 and 11. The money raised at Pug Gala 2014 will go help more rescued pugs, so definitely a good cause!

Hope to see you there! Stop us and say Hi if you see Bentley and me.