Day of the Dead Doxie Painting

So I’m not actually dead or anything, I’ve just been painting instead of blogging. I guess I should find time for both, but I was having so much fun! :) Here is the Day of the Dead Doxie Painting I did in the last couple weeks.

Day of the Dead Doxie Painting

This all started with my friend’s birthday, and his obsession with cats and Día de Muertos sugar skulls. I wanted to get him something nice for his birthday, but couldn’t think of what that would be… and then the idea struck me to paint his cats in this style. This was the result:

oriental shorthair cat sugar skulls

That was so much fun, that I just kept going! I’m trying to decide which breed to do next. Maybe a Cocker Spaniel? We will see.

If you like the Dachshund painting enough to see it in your own home, it is for sale. Check out the Etsy listing here.

Cocker Spaniel Cute-Off: Quincy vs Dexter

Quincy has an online friend, Dexter. They’re very tech savvy dogs, of course. They even exchange Instagram videos on occasion. Dexter and his mom live on the other side of the country, but that doesn’t stop these two pals. We’re all big Jimmy Fallon fans as well, and Dexter and Quincy were inspired by Will Ferrell and Chad Smith’s Drum-Off on The Tonight Show recently. They decided to hold their own contest to settle a very important debate: who’s cuter, Dexter or Quincy?

cute cocker spaniel contest quincy dexter

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Seattle Pug Gala 2014

seattle pug rescue pug gala 2014

Yes, the Pug Gala is just as awesome as it sounds. We went last year, and had a blast, so we’re really looking forward to Pug Gala 2014! Bentley and I plan on showing up this year as well, and taking lots of pictures. So if you can’t attend, check back in the days following for a ton of pictures of pugs having fun!

Evergreen State Fairgrounds is out highway 2 in Monroe. There’s a ton of parking (I believe it was free parking last year, but don’t take my word for it). There weren’t many signs at the fairgrounds to guide you to the right building, but all you have to do is follow the pugs and someone will lead you there.

Be prepared to see pugs EVERYWHERE at Pug Gala 2014. Bring your own pug, put them in a costume, take lots of pictures… Maybe even talk to them about adopting one of the rescue pugs that will probably be in attendance. It does cost $10 for adults, and $5 for kids between 6 and 11. The money raised at Pug Gala 2014 will go help more rescued pugs, so definitely a good cause!

Hope to see you there! Stop us and say Hi if you see Bentley and me.

Dogs Are the Best Medicine

cute dog toy gift

Bentley can be so sweet sometimes! Earlier today, I was having bad allergies and took a Benadryl, which made me very sleepy. I laid down for a nap to sleep it off. Bentley kept nosing around so I told him to lay down. I promptly fell asleep. When I woke up, I discovered that Bentley had made a little pile of his favorite toys next to my pillow before going to sleep at my feet. This isn’t something he normally does, so I think he knew I wasn’t feeling well, and figured his favorite toys would help. I made him pose for a picture with his pile because he was just too darn cute! Sometimes dogs are the best medicine!

A Well Behaved Dog Does Not Make You Exempt From Leash Laws

This last weekend, we went for a hike at Deception Pass. It’s a beautiful trail, and easy enough to be relaxing instead of strenuous. That is, until we ran into Her. You’ve probably met Her (or Him) before. Maybe you ARE that person. If you have an anxious or excitable dog, however, you expect these people with dread: the people who think leash laws don’t apply to them. They often have friendly dogs who won’t generally start a fight on purpose, but that’s the source of the problem. So let me say it:

A well behaved dog does not make you exempt from leash laws.

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