5 Benefits of running with dogs

Dogs are truly man’s best friend! They are much more social and interactive than many other animals and you can forge real bonds with them.

The majority of dogs regardless of their breed will enjoy playing with you and one of the best ways to build a stronger relationship with your dog is to go running with them.

5 Benefits of running with dogs

This is better suited to some breeds, but all dogs can enjoy at least a short run with you, let’s look at the benefits of running with your canine companion in more detail, shall we?

#1 It Will Keep Your Both Healthy!

Going for a regular run with your dog will do wonders for your health, dogs will always need a way to burn off excess energy after all. Especially the more hyperactive ones and going for a daily run will help both you and your dog stay in shape. It’s even been shown to help improve a dog’s lifespan as well. So, set-up a running routine and try to stick to it because it’s a great way to stay in shape.

#2 It’s Motivating

If you’ve tried and failed to start running before then you might find you’ll have much better luck once you’ve invited your dog along as a running partner. You’ll be much more motivated because you won’t be going it alone and you won’t want to let your dog down. So, don’t let any past failures put you off from trying again because running with a dog is very different from running alone.

#3 You’ll Have Protection

Of course, we all hope this never happens, but runners can be easy targets for street crime but when you have your dog alongside you especially if it’s a larger breed it can easily keep criminals away from you. Even smaller breeds can become fierce bodyguards if they think you are in danger and dogs are always on high-alert for spotting danger that we otherwise might miss.

#4 You’ll Form A Stronger Bond

The majority of dogs will love running alongside you, in many ways you are effectively taking them outside to play which they will love and best of all they will be sure to remember it. This will forge a much stronger bond of friendship between the two of you which every dog owner will want.

#5 It’s A Great Way To Train

Running with your dog can also help when it comes to training them. A more unruly or hyperactive dog can learn to calm down and change their bad habits or behaviour during a run and it’s a very effective way of getting them to use up their excess energy. So, running can be an excellent way to train your dog, while also building a stronger friendship with them at the same time.

That’s just a small sample because I’ am sure there are many more benefits you can think of. Running together will be a fun activity you can both enjoy and improve not just your dog’s quality of life but your own as well.

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