Best dog breeds for runners

Dogs make great running partners but if you want to experience the fun of trail running with your dog then you’re going to need to choose the right breed. Don’t assume your dog is a runner.

Choosing the right running dog breed is important because you’ll want to ensure your dog is happy and healthy at all times.

Not all dogs breeds will enjoy running as much, so before you go looking for your dog running partner make sure you’re searching for the right breed.


A fit and healthy adult labrador makes a great running partner. As a breed, they are fit and athletic dogs, making them a especially good running partners.
Jack Russell

One of the best small dog breeds for running Jack Russell’s are very energetic and active, they love to play so running alongside you is sure to keep them happy. Make sure you take their smaller size into account though and run on smoother terrain when possible.

Pit Bull

They might not look it, but Pit Bulls are another excellent example of one of the best small dog breeds for running. They’re better suited for shorter runs but can be surprisingly fast and energetic.


Probably one of the flashiest dog running partners you can get a Dalmatian isn’t just a pretty coat they are also very energetic and athletic animals. They make excellent running partners but can be a bit heavy footed so choose a softer running path whenever possible.

German Shepherds

Trail running with your dog will be a joy with a German Shepherd, very intelligent and hardworking this breed makes a great running partner. Plus, thanks to their thick fur coat they can enjoy running during the winter months as well.


These dogs pull sleds so as you can probably guess that makes them one of the best running dog breeds around. They are especially great at running during the winter, just make sure you keep a close eye on them as they need their rest too.

Border Collies

An incredibly popular sheep/ herding dog these animals also make excellent running partners, they are fast and athletic and best of all enjoy exercise. They’re a great dog running partner but make sure you take care during the colder months.


They might not seem like it, but Boxers are very athletic animals they were even used as couriers during the war. Very athletic for their size Boxers are sure to make a good running partner although they are better suited for shorter runs.

Siberian Husky

Another sled dog that is sure to make an amazing running partner! They are excellent for winter runners and people who live in a place with a colder climate thanks to their thick fur coat and stocky build.


It might seem like an unusual choice, but Poodles do make an excellent dog running partners! Like Boxers, Poodles were also used during the war and they are much more athletic than many people think.


Well known for their speed a Whippet will make an excellent running partner and is one of the best small dog breeds for running.

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